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                                                                         Shipping information

All products on our website are available in stock and will be shipped within 5 working days after confirmation of payment.

Shipping conditions for Montenegro.

For purchases up to EUR 20, you will pay EUR 3.00 for shipping by courier, EUR 2.oo for shipping by mail.

For purchases over 20 EUR, shipping is free by Post Express Montenegro, EUR 3,00 by courier .

For purchases over 30 EUR , shipping is free by Post Express Montenegro or by courier.

So you have the opportunity to pick up the goods for free at our branches.

Shipping conditions to neighboring countries.( Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, North Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo)

For purchases up to EUR 40, you will pay EUR 3.é0 for shipping.

For purchases over 40 EUR, shipping is free.

Carrier- Post Montenegro.

Shipping conditions for the whole world.

For purchases up to EUR 60, you will pay EUR 5.00 for shipping.

 Free shipping on purchases over 60 EUR.

Carrier - Post Montenegro

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